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Unity 2017.1 is here!

For years Unity has given aspiring game designers their most important tool completly free. Making the Unity game engine free to the public made Unity the most used engine to date, with tools & features  to match it’s paid counterparts. For more features that would make fellow game designers life’s a bit easier, you can also sign up for a subscription that delivers  features that not even  it’s peers like the highly acclaimed Unreal Engine 4, whose developers made it free months after launch.Unity has been preparing for it’s  2017.1 update…

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Nintendo Switch 3.0.0 allows you to vibrate controllers when lost

The Nintendo Switch 3.0.0 update is now live, bringing us many great features and improvements. This is a huge update, ranging from giving Nintendo Switch users the ability to add friends from their Nintendo 2DS/Wii U. To Fixing the issue where certain TV’s  cause HDMI inputs to change when the Switch was docked in sleep mode.Added System FunctionalityRegister a channel to receive News for specific gamesTo register, head to News > Find ChannelsAdd friends from your Nintendo 3DS and Wii U Friend ListsTo add friends, head to your My Page…

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Xbox One Price cut going into E3

Project Scorpio, was initially announced with it’s sister console, the “Xbox One S”. The Xbox One S is slightly stronger than the Original Xbox One. The Xbox One S, upscales to 4k when playing games. When watching videos and Blu-ray it is fully in 4k, no upscaling included. One major complaint the original Xbox One had, was the size. The Xbox One S is 40% smaller then the original Xbox one as shown below. One feature that shouldn’t be overshadowed is its HDR support, something PS4 initially left out as…

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Xbox Scorpio 399$ or less?

Microsofts widely waited unveiling ail of its powerhouse of a console, Project Scorpio, will be finally availed on June 11th, 12PM EST, at Microsoft’s E3 conference.Project Scorpio will not only be Microsofts most powerful console to date, but the most powerful console to date. With a GPU containing 40 Radeon compute units running at 1172 MHz. Not being overshadowed by any means, the CPU has eight custom x86 cores at 2.3 GH. That leaves Project Scorpios CPU 31% faster than the original Xbox one. To top that off it also has eight Jaguar…

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