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Skyrim coming to the Switch! with motion control?

This year Bethesda had one of the shortest  yet precise conferences to date. In a recent article we talked about VR support coming to Bethesda games like DOOM, and FALLOUT 4. But as you can see in the title of this article, this is something a bit beefier.

Bethesda announced that The Elder Scrolls V: SKYRIM would becoming to Nintendos' very own SWITCH.  Not only will it be coming to the switch but you will notice int the video below it will be getting some exclusive Zelda content.

I bet you're wondering if thats all your going to get. Well when Skyrims remastered version comes to the SWITCH. It will be coming with motion control support that you can see  in the video below


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SOURCE: Bethesda E3 Confrence

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