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Minecraft: Xbox edition getting servers & Minecraft getting Crossplay

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition, is finally getting servers! Phil Spencer announced this great news at this years Xbox E3 Confrence. 

Minecraft has been around for about 8 years, and servers have always been a piece of its pie. Not only that but Communitty servers went a step further allowing the minecraft communitty to have there own exspansive worlds. These exspansive world have the capability to hold up to These huge features have been on PC from the beginning. For the last 6 years consoles have had to use peer-to-peer connection with  8 players max in any world at a time. In comparison PC has had near limitles amount of room for its players, with world record currently sitting at 2,622. YOu can see the video below

Not only would servers allow for more people in a world at any given time but also increase the size of the world it self. With most minecraft worlds on PC being limitless.

Along with this, Minecraft will be getting Corssplay for: Xbox,Windows 10, VR, and PC. Did you notice someone isnt invited? thats right PSN users sadly wont be aprart of the mix this time around. 

To top all of that off Minecraft will be getting a free 4k graphical update completely void of cost. Not  only that but it will be coming this summer with a new pack called: Super Duper Graphic's Pack

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SOURCE: Microsoft E3 Conference

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