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Fallout 4 & Doom VR

This year Bethesda had one of the shortest  yet precise conferences to date; sitting at less than 40 minutes. This year there was a huge focus on VR, with both Doom & Fallout 4 getting a VR version.

DOOM's VR will be the first of the mix, managing to hold its beauty while losing some mobility, yet managing to still play fluidly. In the trailer below you will notice that you cant move around traditionally. To move you will have to teleport to each location to fight off the hordes of hell.

Coming off of that fast paced trailer,I bet you are still wanting more when it comes to mobility. Well moving onto fallout 4, it delivers just that.  

Fallout 4 VR delivers the iconic FPS controls we know and love from VR, While still giving us the ability to move around almost seamlessly. At some points in the trailer below, you almost cant tell the difference between the original Fallout 4 and the the VR version.

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SOURCE: Bethesda E3 Confrence

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