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E3 2017 EA announcements: Need For Speed – Payback

EA finally showed off the newest addition well known franchise, "Need For Speed". Need For Speed: Payback  seems to not only be going back to its root's but also taking some lessons from not only the Fast & Furious  franchise, but its competitor franchise, Forza Horizon Franchise.

Need For Speed: Payback, seems to be dropping the cheesy live action cutscenes and going for more cinematic cutscenes, that seem like they were almost ripped out of a classic, Fast & Furious scene.

A mechanic that some are saying may be a problem for the game. Is a new burnout type feature. Whenever you get another vehicle to crash, the game will go into a small cinematic. This mechanic allows you to watch the other drivers crash and burn.  As I noted, it happen so much in the short gameplay. That it seemed like it may happen far too much.

A developer also noted that they will be focusing far more on fundamental features, like customization. The developer specifically brought up being able to find broken down pieces of junk, and turn them into a  super car. This feature will sound oddly familiar to you Forza Horizon fans. In Forza Horizon games, there is a feature  called, "Barn Finds", where you can find barns throughout  the Forza Horizon games, giving you broken down classic cars . That you can eventually turn into some of the most  powerful cars you can imagine.

SOURCE: E3 2017: EA Press Conference

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